Anonymous asked:

Velna how are things going?

" fine I guess " she messed with her hair a little " pretty much the same always. Well other then Leah went on adventure and has not returned yet it’s been 3 days now .. I’m a little worried about her now " sigh " maybe I should get night and we should go look for her I don’t know "


dalyladolly asked:

"Wait are you guys serious? We both in a bicicle? B-but I don't wanna fall" she said quote nervous

askhumanleah answered:

" you scared of my Motorcycle? You can ride in the side cart baby " he laughed a little











Bubbly nodded

Luke looked down and made a fest

Sexy smile ”See you tonight BOBS” wink ”Have a nice day Luke”

" see ya " bubbly smiiled

Luck did say a word

Dave walk to his classroom 

Luke, flame , bubbly , Leah all went to class

Its lunch time

Leah had got her food and sat down at a table bubbly and Luck was siting with her

Dolly arrives and sit with them “hi guys, how are things going?” Smiled

Minutes later Dave arrive “you girls mine if I sit here?” He asked with a sexy voice

Leah smiled ” hey dolly “

Bubbly looked at Dave ” well duh Dave sit down”

Leah looked at Dave ” yeah sit “

He sit with them “have you girls cooked something for me ?” He jokes

"Common Dave behave propperly" sight

Bubbly smiled ” well I did make some cookies last night anyone want some ?”

Leah looked at Dave” I don’t cook ” the Leah thought to her self ” more like I can’t cook I guess “

"i want one" Dolly said with a smile

"i love your cookies" Dave said flirty, before turn to look Leah "you dont know how to cook?"

Bubbly passed out the cookies ” here ya go “

" an I’m just not good " Leah said playing with her hair a little